Why App Reviews and Ratings Matter

With more than 3.8 million Android Apps and over 2 million iOS apps available it's easy to see how an app can get lost in the crowd.

In addition to promoting your app, it's important to get users to regularly review and rate your app. These reviews can not only boost downloads, but also provide raw, honest feedback and point out areas of the app that need to be improved or tweaked. Conversely, app reviews can identify the most popular features - according to users - and give you more insight into ways to effectively market the app in the future.

In the highly competitive app market, Google and Apple have confirmed that they reward higher-rated apps in their search algorithms in their respective stores. That means if you have a higher user rating, you have a better chance of coming up in search results. That alone is a huge incentive to put effort into obtaining user feedback.

When obtaining user reviews, it's important to keep some things in mind:

  • If you are able to track app crashes - it's best not to prompt the user to leave a review shortly after an app crash

  • Instead, ask the user to review after consecutive days of use or some other indication of a positive experience

  • Don't add a prompt while the user is in the middle of a task, instead wait until they have just finished a session or returned to the home screen

When asking for reviews, don't be afraid of negative reviews. Use those as an opportunity to make improvements and address user concerns. While you can't please everyone, and some requests may be unreasonable, having a direct line to users and their feedback is a huge part of continued app success.