Atmo Team Member Spotlight


Przemek Chruscicki: Chief Operations Officer, Project Manager (Poland Office)

The Atmo team works globally across two locations. Our headquarters are based in Gainesville, Florida and we have a team based out of Rzeszow, Poland. Przemek Chruscicki, also known as “Chief Problem Solver” has been working in the tech space since his high school years, starting with programming and then moving on to become a Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. When Przemek started working for Atmosphere Apps, he discovered that he had a passion for project management. To gain knowledge about task and process management he then passed PRINCE2 and Scrum Master certifications. Additionally, Przemek finished postgraduate studies on project management and earned a IPMA-D certificate. All of this gave him the solid foundation needed for managing mobile app projects in an international company.

With the company being spread across two continents, coordination of the two arms of Atmosphere Apps is a critical process. Within the time zones, there is small overlap of office hours so planning and task discipline is crucial. Atmosphere Apps handles multiple projects at the same time, so resource efficiency is one of the most important factors. The key is to plan ahead, but not one step ahead but two or even three steps. Even so, problem solving is the essence of the IT world.

Technology means living in constant change, so having the ability to adapt is necessary. Part of project management work, especially in agile management is to remove all impediments that could halt or slow down the team. There are many strategies for that but the most important for Przemek is working with the team on difficult problems. It helps immensely if the project manager is quick-learning, open-minded and provides support during stressful deadline situations. If team views them as a contributor and not just the leader, it takes considerably less time and effort to resolve the issues. This is especially true because an open-minded leader can direct the team to the road the team doesn’t yet see themselves.

Przemek is excited about the prospects of new technology. He comments that just a few decades ago phones were used only for dialing. Now they are so powerful that they rival personal computers. While emerging technology can create disruption and challenges, it also creates many possibilities, especially for IT companies. Having a mobile-optimized website used to be enough to be considered “mobile”, but not today. More and more companies are investing and developing native mobile applications. Przemek believes that mobility is where technology is heading, with even more powerful devices connected to the cloud – that’s our future.

When he’s not working on new ideas at Atmosphere Apps, you can find Przemek with his wife and two children enjoying hiking, traveling and learning new skills.