What Is a Wireframe?

When designing a mobile app, a wireframe is used as a blueprint of sorts to help outline the schematics and “skeleton” of the app. Imagine a contractor trying to build a home without a blueprint? It’s easy to see how details can get missed or misinterpreted.

Mobile app building works in the same way — without a plan or outline, it’s difficult to get all aspects of the project to run smoothly from planning, to launching and beyond.

What’s included in a Wireframe?

All of the functioning elements of the app and how they work together, including the structure, and hierarchy of information. It’s important to keep in mind that the wireframe is an essential piece of the app build, and will continue to be referenced throughout the development process and beyond.  Through several iterations of updates and feedback, the wireframes demonstrate the most important aspects of the final design of the app.

What’s Not Included in a Wireframe?

Stylistic design elements, including colors and graphics. While it may be tempting to dive right in to the “fun” part of how the app looks, it’s far more important to get the structure and functionality planned out before adding the finishing touches. Additionally, if the design elements are introduced too early on in the process, they can distract from the structural elements that need to be tested and analyzed before moving forward.

Wireframes are an Important Part of Mobile App Development

When working with an app developer, whether it’s an internal team or a 3rd-party partner, be sure to be an active participant in the wireframe process and use it as an opportunity to address desires in functionality and structure of the app. This is the best chance you have to collaborate on the app’s development, rather than toward the end of the process where it’s not as easy to make desired changes. Additionally, wireframes are often used as a tool for estimating price, so having an accurate wireframe is crucial. 

When choosing a partner, be sure to ask about their wireframe process and how you as a client can be involved — not sure where to start? Reach out to our team at Atmosphere Apps.