Top 4 Ways Promote Your App On Social Media

Using the most engaging platforms to get people talking about your product

These days, social media is for so much more than just a place to share your best selfies or stunning photos of your trip to Europe - social media is a place for people to connect with others about a business, idea or product. Now, more than ever, social media is changing the way businesses and organizations market products and promote ideas.

When it comes to apps, using social media as a marketing tool shouldn’t be forgotten. We’ve taken the time to highlight some key strategies utilizing the social media universe to making your app soar.

1. Invest in Video

Video has exploded in the past couple years as being the number one aspect of media that continually generates leads, traffic and conversions. People are fascinated by video, so what could be better than a short explanation or walk-through video that describes your app’s full potential?

From explaining the function and UX/UI of an information based app to exploring a brand new level of a visual game like Monument Valley, videos help customers to envision themselves using an app. Sharing this video on social media is the fastest way to secure attention and potentially influence your audience.

Here are a few examples of promotional app videos we love:

Rx Communicator - The app we designed with BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy!

Why we love it: Straightforward, interactive and specific; this video tells you what you need to know and has plenty of information.

Monument Valley II - Behind the scenes with ustwo Games!

Why we love it: Ever wanted to know more about the team who created an app? This video is your dream. Learn about the inspiration behind Monument Valley II from the people who know it best.

Wildfire App Promotional Video - Easy walkthrough and explanation.

Why we love it: This app video is simple, but serious. The simple but emotional aesthetics of this video emphasize the apps function of community safety.

2. Incentivize Users

Everybody likes the feeling of winning, getting a deal, or finding a little something extra - like when you find a dollar on the sidewalk. Similar to that coincidental dollar, users who see an incentive or reward on social media for downloading an app are pleased by the incentive and willing to connect with you. Rewarding users with bonuses such as virtual currency or digital upgrades when purchasing through social media ultimately helps grow your audience more quickly.

3. Utilize Keywords

Just like with any product, it’s important to know which keywords are the best one’s to promote your app to the most targeted, interested audience. The social media universe is already huge, and is still growing every day as new platforms pop into existence and more people start fresh accounts.

Taking the time to determine the best keywords that describe your app will help you to reach an audience that is actually interested in your product instead of seeing your social media presence as white noise or pure advertisement.

How to pick out keywords? Brainstorm the intricacies of your app’s design and function and create phrases or select words that most specifically describe your apps function to appeal to your audience. Broad terms such as ‘app’, ‘mobile’ or ‘game’ are not distinguishing. Instead, think small; for a GPS app, keywords could include ‘navigation’, ‘geo-targeting’, or ‘maps.’

Here are a few tools  for researching and strategizing keyword usage:

Beginners Guide to SEO: Keyword Research Via Moz - Moz has the details you need to know to get started!

Best Keyword Resource Tools for SEO Via Hubspot - 9 tools for discovering the best keywords for your SEO.

App Store Optimization: Keywords via Apptamin - To help you get a handle on mobile keyword skills, for the app store and beyond!

4. Highlight Testimonials

Users will always respond more favorably to a human connection rather than an automated or falsified, toneless advertisement. Whether a quote from someone who’s used your app favorably, an explanation of the design from the app developer, or a customer excited to download the app themselves, testimonials are a tried and true tactic to reaching your audience authentically. An extra tip: Use the real reviews that your app garners in the app store to highlight on social media!

Highlighting the experiences of other people on your organization’s social media platforms, whether via an Instagram photo and caption, twitter video or even a Facebook Live interview helps promote your product positively to consumers and legitimizes claims about the performance of the app.

How ever you plan to promote your app, planning and investing in social media will help you to reach a wider audience and generate a channel of feedback from your consumers to help you continue to create amazing, useful and pioneering technology. Don’t forget to think about social media when considering your promotion plan!