Don’t think you’re done just because your app is live

Beware of App Development companies that do not emphasize maintenance services.

What happens after your app has been launched and is live in the app store? Most people assume that once an app is live, the project is complete. However, this common perception is in fact, a mistake. One of the most important services an app developer can offer is continued maintenance, which is essential for your app’s long-term success.

A mobile app does not function and is not maintained like a website, which remains static after development aside from content updates. Mobile operating systems are constantly updated, which means your app needs to stay current. As an example, in addition to debuting major iOS updates every September, Apple also releases 10-12 smaller software updates a year. An app that isn’t updated with the latest developments in the mobile ecosystem can glitch data, impair user experience or crash entirely.

An informed app developer understands that maintenance is an essential part of an app’s continued success on both iOS and Android platforms. They also receive pre-release OS builds and should update and test your app to ensure it continues to function properly when the updates become public.

Atmosphere Apps takes pride in providing extensive maintenance services, allowing us to discover and resolve problems in our mobile applications before they occur. As a partner, we constantly research new opportunities for your app, including monetization, function, improved features and the latest UX/UI practices. With continued maintenance, we can quickly alert you to changes in the OS and App Store Submission Guidelines.

App maintenance ensures clients are knowledgeable about the latest technology innovations and keeps apps running smoothly for your users. When it’s time to choose your app developer, be leery of any company that doesn’t place high value on long-term maintenance. Choose one who will remain committed as your partner from the first design drafts to the app store launch, and beyond.

Do you think we’re kidding? Here’s an example of the number of updates iOS has revealed over recent years.