Three Places to Buy & Sell Apps you didn't Know Existed

You’ve heard of the App Store, but that’s only the beginning...

Whether you’re buying or selling, usually the go-to place to find anything app-related for Apple programs is the app store. In fact, most people assume that the Apple App Store is the only place available to distribute apps.


But let’s say you’ve made a brand-new app and you aren’t interested in promoting it to mass distribution. What’s your next move?


The thousands of apps available in the pre-installed mobile app store have widespread availability, unlimited usage and sometimes unfortunately, no privacy settings available to limit who can select and download your app. Most Apple App Store products are designed for anyone out there wanting to try the latest version of Angry Birds or organize their calendar more efficiently. But if you’re looking to find a more specific audience, keep your app and its details private or limit the number of users, you can buy apps or distribute your own on a different platform.


Here are 3 examples of distribution methods that are especially beneficial for enterprises.


1: Enterprise Development Program


By choosing to distribute via the Apple Enterprise Development program, you gain exclusive control over who can find and download your app. This makes the Enterprise Development Program very popular for for internal enterprise use. However, by developing an app via this program you are legally bound by Apple to never distribute the app in any other way. This means it’s essential that the app is for internal use by your company only; there is no reason for anyone outside of your organization to control the app. While Apple puts responsibility on you to protect access to all apps in this program, the benefits of private and efficient distribution are obvious.


2: The Apple Volume Purchase Program


Our next app buyer/seller market is Apple’s own Volume Purchase Program, which serves as a link between an enterprise app store and the familiar Apple App Store most people know. Apple knows that businesses and educational programs often distribute multiple apps within their organizations, and the Volume Purchase program gives one the ability to buy apps from app store in large quantities via a quick and easy downloadable link.


3: The Apple Volume Purchase Program: Custom B2B Apps


Apple’s custom B2B App builder is a component of the Volume Purchase Program, but special enough to deserve its own category. Would you like to share your B2B app with a specific company or customer? The custom app builder feature in the Apple Volume Purchase Program makes this possible. These apps are not available to find in the regular Apple App Store, the way other apps available through the Volume Purchase Program are, but instead are made private by enabling direct sharing to specific representatives of other enterprises. In this way, companies may use Apple’s secure infrastructure to sell their app without reducing privacy.


If you’d like more information on these different methods to buy or sell apps, we recommend further information found here from Apple on discussing App distribution workflows, here from LifeHacker for tips on which enterprise App distribution model is best for your organization, or discover even more varieties of app distribution methods from ReadWrite here.