10 Questions to Ask Before Making a Mobile App

More and more these days, businesses in many industries are thinking of ways a mobile app can offer convenience and ease to employees and customers alike.  And while it can be tempting to dive into development, it’s a good idea to ask yourself – and any potential development partners – some important questions when considering making a mobile app.

1.         What is the Goal of the App? Not all apps are created equal, and the original purpose of the app can be lost if it’s not clearly identified from the beginning. Be sure all interested parties are on board and move forward from there. It’s better to get everyone’s ideas out in the open before moving any further to prevent the project from being stalled along the way.

2.         Budget. The cost of building an app can range greatly, depending on many factors. It’s best to start with a realistic budget before getting caught up in the design process to ensure you stay within your means. For example, you wouldn’t go house shopping without a budget in mind – unless you want to fall in love with your dream home that’s way out of range.

3.         Content.  An app is only as good as the content it provides. Have a plan for where the original content will come from, and how frequently it will be audited for timeliness and relevance. While some content stays relatively evergreen, other types change frequently so having an update plan in place before building the app will ensure that stale content is never there for very long.

4.         Features. When it comes to features, be sure to explore all of the options. Check out your competitors and apps with similar needs to see what features they have implemented. And once your app is developed, keep looking. New features are available regularly and keeping up with the latest technology is essential for the staying power of your mobile app. Pay special attention to the developer conferences where Apple and Google announce plans for upcoming features.  

5.         Design. App designs and styles have trends just like fashion, so be sure to choose a theme and colors that are relevant and reflect the app’s function and your brand without being too “trendy.” Having a clear vision for the overall look and feel for the app can save loads of time in the long run. A word of caution, however: Sometimes a creative vision might not translate when applied to a mobile app. If that’s the case, don’t be too attached and move on to a design that works better with the overall feel of the app.

6.         Time Frame. To prevent a never-ending project, it’s crucial to have a timeline and roadmap with relevant milestones highlighted along the way. This helps the project stay on track, and if it’s delayed, it’s easier to identify where the issues are.

7.         How Will You Market it? Once your mobile app is ready, how will you let people know? Getting your marketing team on board in the early stages of the process can help create buzz around the new app and even create some anticipation from the users who will benefit from the app.

8.         Will there be a cost for users? Depending on the type of app ad its intended function, there may be a cost associated with it. Work with your team to develop a realistic pricing model that balances value for your customers and the bottom line for your business.

9.         Competition? Before building your app, research your competition and what their apps offer. You don’t want to be left behind before you even launch. Or conversely, if your competitors have very basic mobile apps, you could blow them away with a well-designed and robust app that your customers have never seen before.

10.       Ongoing Support? Determine if your app will need ongoing support from your development partner. In most cases, continuing support is required to stay relevant and functional between app updates and new phone models being released. Be sure to choose a partner that will remain committed from the first design drafts to the app store launch, and beyond.

As your partner, the team at Atmosphere Apps will be a part of the conversation from inception to ongoing support. We constantly research new opportunities for your app, including monetization, function, design, and improved features and the latest UX/UI practices.