How to Write the Best Mobile App RFP: Start to Finish

You need a mobile app for your business: Here’s what to ask a potential mobile app developer, to help you get the best results.


Alright! You’ve got a great idea for the best app ever, your company has a plan and some resources for how to make this app, and everyone is (finally) ready to make it a reality!


Now what?


Many companies feel that developing a mobile app can be an intimidating and exhausting experience. When searching for the best vendor to create your app, there are a multitude of factors to consider. However, it will get a lot easier if you start with a solid Mobile Application Request for Proposal (RFP). A good RFP will not only help development companies know exactly what you are looking for, but will also help you to vet companies to know who will be the best fit for your company, goals and budget.


Atmosphere Apps reads hundreds of Mobile RFPs, and we know both how to respond, and create an RFP that accurately defines your app requirements. So here is the rundown from start to finish: an RFP template that answers all the questions.


RFP Template

What You Should Say: Product Overview

  1. Executive Summary: Start with a brief description of who you are, what you are looking for, and the general function of your app.

  2. Company Overview: To make a good app for your company, a development company needs to know what your company is all about. Include a description, the product or service you offer, and your industry leadership.

  3. Objective goals: Explain the app as thoroughly as possible. Some questions to answer: what does the app do? Why do you want to make it? What is the ideal user-experience? What are you searching for when it comes to features? What are your must-have requirements for the app? What are you more flexible on?

  4. Target Audience: In order to build the best app, development companies have to know what your ideal user looks like. Do you have primary and secondary audiences? What does a company need to know about your audience in order to best understand the function of your app?

  5. Integrations & Technicalities: What key deliverables are you looking for? Push notifications? Dropdown menus? Calendar or Existing database integrations?

  6. Hosting: What platform is your audience on, and do you want to be on multiple platforms? Generally companies stick to iOS or Android platforms. Atmosphere Apps has experience working with both iOS and Android development platforms, as well as multiple other development platforms. What devices is your app being developed for? (This includes everything from tablet to phone to desktop)

  7. Back-End: Do you existing web service systems already? Would you like a development company to build API's and documentation? Do you have a current internal database the app should integrate with?

  8. Analytics: What are you overall hoping to achieve with your app? How would you like to measure this?

  9. Timeline: When would you like the product to launch? What does your ideal timeline look like, considering planning, evaluation, and maintenance. What outside factors may influence the timeline? What is the deadline for a development company to submit a proposal for this RFP, and when will your company decision be made?

  10. Approval Criteria: What features are you looking for in a development company, and what is your top priority in this search? What is most important to you: Experience, Time to Delivery, Cost, etc.

  11. Budget: As budget will vary depending on the experience/quality of the development company you choose, and the complexity/timeline of the app you’d like to build, providing a budget range will enable more accuracy and range with responses to your RFP.

  12. Contact: Who should a development company contact with questions? Who is already assigned to this team? What are their roles in the development process? Who are the decision-makers on your team?


This was the Atmosphere Apps’ comprehensive explanation of what your company should explain  in a Mobile RFP. Keep an eye out for part two of this series; how the app development company should respond. Follow these steps to a clear and descriptive RFP and streamline your development process for easy development and get started on your App!


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