Step up your business’s mobile game without building an app…

As a mobile app developer I will almost always argue that building your own native mobile app is an unprecedented way to engage your customers. While the budget constraints of small business ownership might not afford your own app, there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of mobile to help your business compete.

People now spend more time on their smartphones than on their desktop or computer.

94% of smartphone users look for local info. (

To stay competitive, mobile should be your priority.

  • Claim your business on Google, make sure everything is up to date including address, phone numbers, hours, and website information. *Remember pictures are worth a thousand show your business off in Google. When it comes to businesses with a physical location, you need to be findable.

  • Incentivize customers in exchange for positive reviews on Google business and Yelp!

  • SEO for mobile sites, include video

  • KNOW THIS. The person viewing your website IS MOBILE.

  • Targeted ads via mobile - Google AdWords

  • Setup text SMS marketing campaigns. Let the locals know about specials? Inform patrons about your “text club” on your website

  • Leverage localization tactics

  • Watch your mobile strategy, don’t just assume it’s working. Be sure you include ways to measure if your plan is really working, ie:

  • Be sure your website is fully optimized to work well and look good on mobile devices. Responsive web design.

  • Provide regular content updates on your web, keep them coming back

  • Engage people on their social media channels, especially snapchat and FB

  • Avoid Flash or Java